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VinnCorp Fostered Brand Loyalty for MUSHKO, Building a Seamless Asset Management System


Founded in 1948, MUSHKO was a trading house that transitioned into a high-end tech accessories business house. They launched with a few products but gradually expanded their product line with the success of their business.

The Challenge

MUSHKO was growing every day, but they maintained their assets manually. These manual entries were harnessing their momentum and business operations. Loss of entries and management was also a pullback. To address these issues and accelerate their business processes, they contacted VinnCorp to build robust asset management software.

The Roadmap

Understanding their requirements, VinnCorp designed a mobile and web app for MUSHKO. We used Angular for front-end development and Java Spring Boot for back-end development of their web app. For their mobile application, we employed Flutter to save them a fraction of the cost, all while offering compatibility with iOS and Android devices.

The Solution

After 6 months of meticulous web app design and development, MUSHKO’s software was ready to launch. This asset management streamlined their operations and helped them track their accessories within a few clicks. Additionally, the system connected the end user directly with the engineer for complaints, expediting repair, and establishing customer trust.

Bringing it All Together

MUSHKO’s manual data management was hindering their growth. They transitioned from the conventional to the automation world with the help of VinnCorp. Our asset management software is itself an asset to MUSHKO. Now, they have paved the way for a future filled with efficiency, customer trust, and sustained growth.

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