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Aviatrix Achieved a Secure Automated Billing System for Millions Dollar Transactions with VinnCorp


Aviatrix is a leading secure cloud network service provider in the USA. It has a remarkable track record with over 1800 combined years of networking experience and a loyal customer base of over 500 organizations worldwide. Their commitment to optimizing cloud performance, bolstered by tight security and cost optimization, has positioned them as a formidable player in the industry.

The Problem

Aviatrix’s finance department struggled with the tedious process of manually generating bills, leading to frequent errors. Seeking to eliminate these errors and streamline their billing mechanism, they approached VinnCorp, a trusted staff augmentation company known for its expertise in automated billing systems.

The Challenge

Although Aviatrix’s need for billing automation was real, they wanted to test the performance and expertise of our IT experts. For this purpose, they requested us to build their cross-sell and spell systems.

VinnCorp deployed dedicated technical resources to build an AI-based cross-sell and upsell system. This system empowered Aviatrix to understand customer patterns better and leverage its existing customer base for revenue growth. It also provided valuable insights, enabling Aviatrix to make data-driven decisions and enhance its sales strategy.

Impressed with team VinnCorp’s performance, Aviatrix further requested hiring our Full Stack Software Engineers. This time, their goal was to automate the cumbersome billing mechanism.

The Roadmap

Taking a deep understanding of Aviatrix’s unique requirements, our Software Engineer developed a world-class cross-cloud billing system software.

The new automated billing system incorporated cutting-edge features to handle complex billing estimations based on different scenarios. Aviatrix seamlessly integrated it into their operations without any delays after the successful completion of the billing and invoicing software.

The Solution

Subsequently, their finance department embraced and utilized the automated receipt system, expressing their contentment to the management team. They acknowledged that the billing automation software had brought a sense of authority and efficiency to their financial processes, and they were now able to conduct flawless and secure transactions.

Bringing it all Together

Aviatrix’s collaboration with VinnCorp proved instrumental in revolutionizing its billing mechanism. VinnCorp eliminated Aviatrix’s manual errors and optimized their billing operations, allowing them to focus on core business objectives. Today, Aviatrix uses this system for secure transactions worth millions of dollars every month.

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